Interbrics Ventures Limited – Venture Capital Company

Our vision and values

Interbrics Ventures Limited combines entrepreneurship and an unparalleled drive for excellence to deliver value and performance for our clients and the company. The team operates as one unit and is made up of professionals who are adequately adept and agile in high-opportunity emerging markets.

Interbrics Ventures Limited operates around our three core values:

Entrepreneurship – Our pragmatic, professional team is driven by independence, intuition and opportunity, with the vision to see their goals achieved.

Excellence – We embrace excellence. We strive to be the best and exceed expectations, by going beyond established limits and surpass others through sustained performance and “out-of-the-box” thinking. We aim to be leaders and partners with our clients in line with our philosophy that “the sum is greater than the parts”.

Teamwork – We believe that teamwork can create value both for our clients and the company.